SKETCH UP 6.0囉!是個超簡單上手之軟體喔!

SKETCH UP 6.0 Hello! Even monkeys will be used in the 3D software Oh!

SketchUp is used to generate, view and modify 3D concept (idea). This tool has a simple and powerful features, so that such work more quickly and easily. In addition, SketchUp is designed for digital media, as well as the efficiency and flexibility of the manual mapping of natural and sophisticated integration with a view to the full enjoyment of those advantages.

AEC software applications in the field, especially with regard to the design process to explore the (design exploration process), SketchUp has become a leader, all over the world and many companies are adopting this school tools for the design work. From the amateur design, the improvement of their living environment, to the design of large and complex residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas and the urban areas, and other programs, can use this tool, and visual effects.

Like hand-drawn sketches of designers, CAD tool used in the regular session after the trouble that while discouraging. At this point, they will fall in love with the uniqueness of SketchUp and drawing methods. In this environment, users do not need to learn a wide range of functions of complex instruction set, as a set of SketchUp will be streamlined and robust tool set and a set of wisdom [presumption] guidance system ( "inference" guidance system). This greatly simplifies the process of 3D graphics, allows users to focus on the design. Therefore, SketchUp is a design of the environment, education and training do not have to do with the support of a large investment, will be able to dynamically and creatively explore the 3D model (form) or material (material), lighting (light) of referral Face.

SketchUp is applicable to any person for the design of the course designed by the software (generally must be adjusted to adapt to the software design process), scribbled on the draft plan from the beginning of the design side of the operation, would provide an additional side of the detailed design, or if you want to correct mapping , At any time be able to use the correct size. General and the CAD, you can design the entire plan in accordance with the understanding and the changes vary to fit the design goals to close to the precision design. This is referred to as non-CAD (Anti CAD).

SketchUp can be used to edit the dialogue model, moving wall, floor to increase, change or adjust the components to apply materials simply use some powerful tools will be able to complete all the work. This is because the unique combination of real-time color is (rendering) and to show the dynamic characteristics (presentation features), can provide such an impressive graphics communication.