Sunday, May 3, 2009


日前與TAN TUNNY分享關於模型被盜用於某些網站時,實在感受到創作者的心情是...遭透的,所以開始關閉模型下載,也是因為那些人說得話語真是讓人傷心..如:我花好多時間蓋的...(實際是盜取修改模型檔..)。

不過沒關係,還是有很多人互相關心彼此的模型交流,像幾個國外的朋友對於此事件,也表達智慧財產權之關切,希望大家如果有需要模型交流或模型檔案,可以與我連絡喔!交個朋友,可以開放好友分享,Google 3D Warehouse是大家交流的園地,可以結交許多國家的好友,希望大家能夠體諒我與TAN TUNNY的決定....大家一起加油囉!

TAN TUNNY recently stolen model for sharing of information on some Web sites, it is to feel the feelings of the creator is ... has been through, so the beginning of the closure model to download, but also because the discourse of those who say it is really sad .. such as the : I spent a lot of time to cover ... (the actual model is modified to steal files ..).

It does not matter, however, there are still a lot of people care about each other's model of mutual exchange, as a few foreign friends to this event, also expressed the concern of intellectual property rights, there is a need to hope that if the model or the model of the exchange of files, you can contact with me Oh! Pay a friend to open sharing, Google 3D Warehouse is the exchange of the garden, you can make friends in many countries, I hope that we can understand the decision and TAN TUNNY refueling .... Hello everyone!

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