National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,Taiwan

上個月去蘇黎世參與google會議,順道在台北待了一天,也同時拍了照片,經過2週時間抽空完成了今年我算是滿意的作品。預計完成下個作品:TAIPEI 101


也因為這樣"熊出沒"幾乎成為台灣SU界的大人物,跟大家報告一下,我個人從事設計已經10年囉,踏入SU界也已經5年囉...還沒被google買下,我就已經在玩SU囉,後來可以蓋模型到地球,讓我愛國心更加劇烈,希望有一天可以把台灣都蓋完,讓全世界知道TAIWAN :>


說到國父,當初台灣為紀念 國父孫中山先生之偉大人格及革命行誼並發揚其思想學說,政府於民國五十三年開始籌建國父紀念館。除供海內外人士瞻仰 國父之用外;並兼具文化藝術教育、生活休閒及學術研究之功能。民國 五十四年先總統 蔣公親自主持奠基典禮;翌年經公開徵圖,由名建築師王大閎所設計之圖樣獲得入選,後又遵照 蔣公之指示在外型上加強 中國建築的特色而修正設計。民國六十一年五月十六日主要工程完成,舉行落成典禮。巍峨莊嚴的建築本體,座落在綠草如茵,花木扶疏的中山公園,成為台北東區一顆璀璨的明星;也為國內的文化藝術帶來嶄新的面貌。

The History of memorial hall To commemorate the national founding father Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s unparalleled morality, revolutionary conducts and to excel Dr. Sun Yat Sen's doctrine, the Republic government had in 1964 begun drafting the building of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which not only served to provide a place of remembrance for all to emulate the national founding father, but also encompassed the functions of cultural and artistic education, leisurely recreation and academic research. In 1965, the late president Chiang Kai Shek personally presided the foundation laying ceremonies in person; with the open solicitation of architectural drawings began the following year, the renowned architect Wang Da-hung’s design drawings have been chosen, which later had been modified with the exterior reinforced with elements of Chinese architecture as instructed by the late president Chiang. On May 16, 1972, the main construction was completed, and an inaugural ceremony was staged. The majestic, solemn main structure, set against the Chung Shan Park flanked with green flaw and esthetical plumage, had not only risen to become a crown jewel in Taipei’s eastern district but also brought a brand-new facet to the local culture and arts.

Google SketchUp 達人 TANG 3D

Sketchup with TANG 3D: 國父紀念館